The Wells Natural History & Archaeological Society

Winter Programme 2014


Meetings are held at the Wells and Mendip Museum at 7.30pm

Admission Free to member. Visitors £2.00

3rd  October 2014     Jerry Sampson: – “Recent Discoveries at Glastonbury Abbey”

Jerry Sampson will give a global presentation on the whole of the great church – incorporating all the work since 2004.


7th November 2014     A RSPB team member: – “The Somerset Great Crane Project”

This is the final year for the release programme to reintroduce cranes back to Somerset.  The first batch of released cranes has now reached an age when they should begin breeding.  Hopefully, the speaker will be able to bring good news.


5th December 2014    Christmas Party and Dr Julia Wood: – “The City Archives”

Any donations of food would be very welcome.

Dr Julia Wood, the Wells City Archivist, has continued the task of organising and recording the city archives.  She will share her many new finds and highlight other important documents.




6th February 2015     Chris Billinghurst: – “Gramfers and Dumbledories”

Christine Billinghurst is a long time member of the Somerset Wildlife Trust.  She organises their local conservation volunteer group and has been the voluntary warden on their Longwood reserve for over twenty years.  Her talk is based on folk tales and the natural history of common garden invertebrates.  It will be illustrated with slides taken by Andy Callow.


6th March 2015    AGM, followed by Roger Cookman: – “How well do you know your City?”

Committee member Roger Cookman will pose the question – “How well do you know your City?”  He will be using his collection of local photographs taken from unusual angles.


10th April 2015    Phillip Hoyland: – “Local Village and Parish Friendly Societies”

Phillip Hoyland will give a humorous talk on the history, organisation and place of “Clubs” in village life before talking about the tradition of parading the Club’s brass emblem on feast day.